Telling Your Story, Part II

In Telling Your Story, Part I, we focused on results — outputs, outcomes and good stories. In Telling Your Story, Part II, we will take a step back and discuss the value of collecting great data and the deliberative process of determining what data to capture. We will then look at capturing, culling and weaving that data to construct meaning and demonstrate impact.

Telling Your Story, Part II will challenge grant writers, hotline managers and frontline staff to more concisely and creatively cast storied constellations from scattered data stars.

This webinar addresses:

  • Deliberately Capturing Data
  • Analyzing Raw Numbers
  • Applying that Analysis to Tell Your Story and Support Your Mission


  • Keith Morris, Director – CERA and President – Elder Law of Michigan, Inc.
  • Thomas Bedall, Managing Attorney, Pro Seniors Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Webinar Video

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