Telephone Interviewing Skills

Providing services by telephone is harder than it sounds! If you are new to hotlines or a seasoned veteran, you will find this webinar a great resource for improving your skills in the area of telephone interviewing. This webinar will help you learn how to overcome the challenges of providing legal advice to a client created by the less intimate medium of phone conversations.

The topics we will discuss include

  • how to conduct an effective interview,
  • how to provide the information to the client in a manageable way,
  • how to assess the client’s capacity,
  • and how to determine if the client is capable of following through on your advice.

We will include not only great suggestions but also some role playing to help you see the concepts in action.


  • David Godfrey, Senior Attorney at the ABA Commission on Law and Aging
  • Shoshanna Ehrlich, Program Specialist at the Center for Elder Rights Advocacy

Both presenters have many years experience in working with clients by telephone, as well as providing training on this topic.

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