Targeting and Serving Minority and Rural Communities

Knowing how to connect with minority populations and rural communities is critical to providing legal assistance to these often under-served groups. With limited resources, senior legal helplines must work to use their efforts efficiently. One way to do that is by targeting populations most needy. This webinar looks at the reasons for targeting, targeting using outreach techniques, targeting by setting priorities, how senior legal helplines can help the IIIB programs with their targets efforts, and how to use GIS mapping to better target and to evaluate effectiveness.

This webinar addresses:

  • reaching minority and rural populations,
  • recognizing and overcoming cultural barriers,
  • effectively serving these populations.

Other issues covered include:

  • how to prioritize targeting,
  • what the needs of the different groups are,
  • and the lessons learned from past experiences.


  • Darrick Lam, M.S.W., U.S. Administration on Aging-Region IX
  • Rich LeMay, Legal Services of North Dakota
  • Cat McConnell, J.D., West Virginia Senior Legal Aid

Webinar Video