Screening Questions, Scripts, and Case Managements: Tools for Telephone Intake Screening and Providing Legal Information

Linking screening questions and substantive FAQs to your case management system can be a rich resource for your legal hotline, particularly for volunteers and new advocates. Here is your chance to have a first hand look at how these tools are integrated into the workflow at several legal hotlines.

This webinar highlights and focuses on intake and screening approaches taken the following legal hotlines:

  • South Carolina Legal Services
  • Kansas Legal Services
  • Legal Aid of Nebraska Accessline


  • Marilyn Harp, Executive Director, Kansas Legal Services
  • Thomas Trent, Managing Attorney, South Carolina Legal Services Intake Office
  • Laurie Heer Dale – Accessline Managing Attorney, Legal Aid of Nebraska

Webinar Video

Other Materials

South Carolina Intake Playbook
Nebraska PIKA Index and Scripts
Kansas Elder Law Hotline Handbook