Handling Social Security Overpayments on a Legal Hotline

Social Security overpayments create a unique challenge for providing hotline advice. Byzantine rules, the jargon of overpayment notices, and the unwillingness of the Social Security Administration to discuss issues with an attorney who has not been formally appointed as representative, all create obstacles to providing competent pro se advice to a client seeking help with an overpayment. This webinar is targeted to legal hotline advocates and managers and will provide guidance on how they can handle specific overpayment issues.

This webinar addresses:

  • A brief review of the Social Security regulations on overpayments.
  • A discussion of Social Security internal policies on appeals of overpayments and other remedies that may be available to an overpaid claimant.
  • What steps the hotline advocate can take when the client calls about a social security overpayment?
  • The webinar will also provide tips on how to contact Social Security via telephone with a client in order to assist the client in resolving the overpayment.


  • Michael Walters, Center for Elder Rights Advocacy, and Pro Seniors, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

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