Handling Debt Collection Issues on a Legal Hotline

A significant percentage of calls to legal hotlines involve clients facing debt collection problems. Because many hotline clients are “judgment proof,” no legal issue is more amenable to telephone advice than debt collection. Hotlines have traditionally provided such advice, and have developed strategies such as “cease and desist” letters to be provided to clients facing debt collection problems. Different hotlines have developed different models to assist their clients facing debt collection issues, ranging from pro se advice to brief service. This webinar is targeted to legal hotline advocates and managers and it will demonstrate several different models of providing debt collection help and advice. Sample materials will also be included.

This webinar addresses:

  • A brief review of common debt collection scenarios.
  • A discussion of different models for assisting clients with debt collection problems.
  • Materials to assist advocates and clients.
  • Time saving technology tips on providing material to clients.


  • TantaLisa Clayton, Utah Legal Services
  • Cheryl Feuerman, Connecticut Legal Services’ Consumer Law Project for Elders
  • Michael Walters, Center for Elder Rights Advocacy, and Pro Seniors, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Webinar Video

Webinar Materials