Grant Writing for Legal Hotlines

Many legal hotlines rely on grants as a major source for their financial support. In this increasingly competitive environment, a hotline needs someone (manager, staff, volunteer) who can be an effective grant writer.

This webinar will discuss:

  • government grants
  • and foundation grants.

Discussion also includes tips and strategies for:

  • effective grant writing,
  • and evaluating whether a grant opportunity is a good fit for your organization.


  • Kate White – Executive Director, Elder Law of Michigan. Kate has been writing grants for 22 years. She has written many successful federal grant applications, as well as many large and small foundation grant applications.
  • Ellie Crosby Lanier – Professor, University of Georgia School of Law. Ellie previously worked with the Legal Hotlines Technical Assistance Project. She launched the the Georgia Senior Legal Hotline and served as its managing attorney. Additionally, she has served as a grant reviewer to evaluate grant proposals for funders.

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