Abuse in Later Life: Assessment and Response within the Senior Legal Hotlines

One in ten older adults reported experiencing elder abuse in the past year. Further, it is estimated that only 5% of cases are reported by older victims. Hotline advocates have a unique opportunity to listen for, identify and assist callers who are experiencing abuse.

This webinar provides a foundational understanding of the range and prevalence of abuses suffered by older adults, including physical and sexual violence, as well as emotional abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. Hotline advocates will then be offered tools and tips to help you:

  • recognize the signs of abuse,
  • elicit pertinent information from a caller about the abuse,
  • holistically assess a survivor’s situation, and
  • respond appropriately to help enhance a survivor’s safety and security.


  • Lore Rogers, JD, of the Michigan Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Treatment Board. Lore was a civil trial lawyer for 13 years before working as an advocate and program director for several domestic violence and sexual assault service providers.
  • Rebecca Henry, MA/JD is the Deputy Chief Counsel of the Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence at the American Bar Association. Prior to joining the ABA, Rebecca was first a family law attorney for domestic violence survivors at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, and then director of the OVW-funded Elder Justice Project at Maine’s Legal Services for the Elderly.
  • Kari Deming, JD, Director of the Counsel & Advocacy Law Line (CALL). Kari’s professional history includes a long history of litigation and hotline-based services in the arena of domestic violence and other abuses. Of the over 3500 people aged 60+ served by CALL in the last 18 months, 270 (8%) were identified as victims of abuse and holistically helped.

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