Five Tech Tips for Better Meetings

By Keith Morris, President, Elder Law of Michigan, and Director, Center for Elder Rights Advocacy

Computer viewing an app store. Scheduling meetings, holding productive meetings, following up on the commitments.  These are becoming a bigger part of our daily work.  I am always on the lookout for new software or online services that might be useful — or at least fun to try.  Here are a couple of new ones that I have discovered lately that perhaps you might find interesting:

  1.  This is “stress-free video meetings and screen sharing, right within your browser.”  It is very easy to start a video meeting with up to three other participants  There is no sign-in required and no software to download.  I like how easy it is to use for the non-techie, and that it is free.
  2. Solid by Wisembly  I have been looking for a meeting manager for quite a while.  So far, this is the most user friendly one that I have found.  It looks at your calendar to list your meetings and then allows you to create and share agendas with meeting participants.  You can then enter notes from the meeting as well as action items, which are then summarized for distribution.  It is very easy to use and free.
  3.  For $10/month, I have a dedicated conference number that is the same every time and doesn’t require pin numbers.  It is a local number that I selected, and I could even make it a toll-free number for only $10 more each month.  Participants can connect through a dedicated website, by dialing the provided number, or by having uberconference call them at the specified time.  If you host several conference calls each month, the convenience of uberconference is worth the $10.
  4.  I have used several different services over the past few years to assist with scheduling meetings.  I have found to be one of the easiest ones to use.  It is very clean and easy-to-understand.  The free version limits the number of people you can invite to participate in the scheduling.  However, you can upgrade for $7.99/month if you need more than 20 people.  I also like how easy it is to communicate with the participants, and how it provides custom reminders.
  5. Using a service like is a great way to keep team members informed without actually meeting.  I like this service because it is focused around teams, projects, and tasks–which is what most of our meetings are organized around.  Unlike the other business communication services that are organized around a social media approach, still focuses on the outcome and purpose and not solely on the methods of communication.  It is free with a limited amount of video chat, and only $5/user/month for the full service.


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