Capturing Senior Legal Hotline Elder Abuse Data

by Tom Bedall

Domestic and financial abuse data had been captured by Pro Seniors’ Senior Legal Hotline ever since its inception in 1990.  However, the expanded scope of elder abuse data collection requested for 2010 by the Senior Legal Helplines/Hotlines’ Report to the AoA required us to take a much more systemic approach to gathering such data, as described below.

The first abuse data request asked that victims of financial exploitation be divided into two groups, the number of clients who were financially exploited by family members or relatives and those who were victimized by non-family members or non-relatives.  In response, as suggested, we began capturing abuse data under the following legal problem codes:

  • Code #37 – Domestic Violence
  • Code #39 – Other Family (Financial Exploitation by Family/Relatives)
  • Code #89 – Other Individual Rights (Financial Exploitation by Non-Family/Non-Relatives)

Read the full article here. 

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