Senior Legal Hotlines Honor Val Soroka for Her Contributions to the Field of Law and Aging 

By Keith Morris, President, Elder Law of Michigan, Center for Legal Rights Advocacy

At the 2017 National Aging and the Law Conference, the National Association of Senior Legal Hotlines honored Ms. Val Soroka with the 2017 Shoshie Award for her support and advocacy for senior legal hotlines as an integral part of the senior legal services delivery systems.  Many of us had the pleasure of working with Val on either the Model Approaches grants or the Pension Counseling grants.  Val recently retired, and the members of NASLH decided she deserved our thanks and recognition for all of her hard work.  

As you may remember, the Shoshie Award was created to honor the many contributions of our dear friend, Shoshanna Ehrlich, who retired in 2015 and the award was first presented at the 2016 National Aging and the Law Conference.   

Senior Hotline Managers (including Val Soroka)