Update: Capturing Elder Abuse Data

By Michael Walters, Legal Hotline Managing Attorney, Pro Seniors, Inc and CERA Project Specialist

balance4.jpgIn the December 2014 Legal Hotline Connection, I highlighted efforts to capture and report elder abuse cases. Since the article appeared, capturing and reporting data related to abuse and exploitation of seniors have become increasing important for senior hotlines.  Senior hotlines have, since their inception, often been the first refuge for seniors who have been victimized by abuse and exploitation. The knowledge that qualified legal advice could be obtained without charge, within a safe environment protected by attorney client privilege, has always been an important resource for victims. Senior hotlines have always prioritized the legal help provided in these sensitive situations. But more and more, our funders want us to be able to quantify and explain the advice we give to senior victims of abuse. A hotline must not only provide assistance to victims, but it must also have data to show the sort of assistance that is being provided. The article explains one way that a hotline can capture the information regarding calls about elder abuse in such a manner that the data can be reported accurately to our funders.


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