Equal Justice Conference – May 7-9th, 2015

Exciting Workshops in Delivery Innovation

Since its debut in 1999, in Tampa, FL, the Equal Justice Conference has been the place to come to learn about innovations in legal service delivery. For many years, legal hotlines were cutting edge and many EJC workshops presented nuts and bolts ways to fund, operate, and expand hotline operations. Sixteen years later, legal hotlines are part of mainstream legal service delivery and this year’s workshops encompass innovative projects across a wide variety of delivery mechanisms.

Here are just a few workshops 80+ workshops on the Austin line up:

Access to Justice Through Innovative Partnerships: Building Blocks for Creating a Better Self Help Center will present how innovative partnerships with courts, law schools, local bar associations, and other legal service providers can be designed to meet specific needs and provide increased services and equal access to justice to self-represented litigants.

Building Collaborative Networks to Reach Rural Areas will emphasize the use of institutional partnerships and technology in legal advice and assistance to rural and isolated communities. The speakers will discuss partnering with nonprofits and service programs, libraries, ATJ stakeholders, and courts; methods of establishing and maintaining these partnerships as well as the role of technology.

Civil Right to Counsel and Self-Help Services: Access to Justice through a Continuum of Services will demonstrate how a wide spectrum of services from full representation to the provision of legal information to assist those who cannot afford legal assistance is necessary and complementary. The session will be primarily interactive and participants will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with representatives of legal service programs.

Emerging Trends in Online Service Delivery will use the experience of the MyLawBC project to examine emergent trends, in particular guided pathways, as a new approach to deliver Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI). The panel will discuss key strategies to successful delivery of online services and the trend to integrate online services such as online dispute resolution with PLEI, as seen in systems like the Dutch Rechtwijzer site and the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal. Gamification concepts will also be reviewed.

Innovating Justice: How Design, Data Science, and other Disciplines are Transforming the Legal Services Landscape will explore several disciplines and approaches, including design-thinking, data science, evaluation, and business process improvement. Panelists in this Association of Pro Bono Counsel developed session will provide an overview of these approaches and highlight examples that incorporate them.

Law Student Externs: Training the Next Generation and Expanding Services will discuss how the 2014 amendments to the law school accreditation standards requiring six hours of experiential learning, which includes externships, provide an opportunity to incorporate law students to expand capacity and train the next generation. This session will discuss how to set up an externship program, recruit, train, and supervise students to expand services.

The Ethics of Intake and Conflicts will consider how the ethical issues of conflicts for existing and potential clients has become more complicated now that legal services programs are using the internet and telephone to receive a large portion of their intake for services. Legal hotlines, which provide legal services to a large number of clients, are also faced with similar ethical concerns. This workshop will examine how the changing role of technology impacts the still present ethical obligations of the attorney to its current and potential clients.

And, of course, the ever-popular 50 New Tech Tips will present 50 new technology tips about free and low-cost tools, apps and software covering a broad range of topics that everyone can use.

Lastly, a 2015 Technology Showcase will feature innovative law related technology projects that are able to be modified or replicated to fit within the priorities of your organization. Panelists will demo tools, review opportunities for collaboration and present strategies for implementation, as well as engage the attendees on the projects they are working on.

2014 NASLH LogoPlease make time to attend the National Association of Senior Legal Hotlines meeting, open to all senior legal hotline managers, on Friday, May 8th at 5:30 and the Legal Hotline Managers Meet and Greet on Friday at 6:30.

Looking forward to seeing you in Austin.

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