CERA releases Senior Legal Helplines Annual Report for 2013 

CERA just completed and released its annual report aggregating data from twenty statewide senior legal helplines operating in 2013. State specific data is included in the appendices to the report. We are vCERA 2013 Annual Reportery grateful to the reporting helplines for taking the time and effort to send us data on their productivity, costs, staffing, client demographics, levels of service and case problem codes, among other categories. The report is consistent with previous years in showing the cost efficiency of helplines and success in targeting low income and minority clients.

Data Highlights

  • The twenty reporting helplines served 39,273 unduplicated clients and handled 46,491 cases;
  • Average cost per case was $86.82 in 2013; a FTE handled an average 1,055 cases;
  • While 31% of the U.S. 60+ population reports income below 200% of the poverty level, 77% of helpline clients had income below 200% of the poverty level;
  • Individuals identifying as minority represented 29% of helpline clients;
  • Top five case types:
    • Wills and estates: 12% of helpline cases
    • Collection: 10%
    • Medicaid: 9%
    • Home Ownership: 7%
    • Private Landlord/Tenant: 6%
    • Advance Directives: 6%
  • Of the cases closed by helplines, 81% of the cases were closed with Counsel and Advice, 13% with Limited Action, and 6% with Extended Services;
  • Top four funding sources were:
    • State and local funding source: 30%
    • Access to Justice State Bar Funds/IOLTA: 23%
    • OAA Title III-B: 19%
    • OAA Title IV Model Approaches: 12%

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