Tech Tips for Hotlines II

by Kari Deming

Happy Winter, Everyone!  Last quarter, we discussed positively interfacing with clients via LucyPhone, telephone technology, and email.  As December wanes and the New Year approaches, we offer these simple tips to enhance interactions between program people – partners, staff and volunteers.  As I am quite enamored with all-things-Google, this segment includes only Google-based tools.

1.  Collective Calendaring

All litigation offices have calendaring or tickling systems to control their dockets, and some use an office-wide in/out calendar or white board to keep track of staff.  Most hotlines also tickle cases not completed during the initial call.  Our staffing, however, is often much more complicated than that of a traditional law office, including an ever-changing contingent of  full- and part-time lawyers, paralegals, advocates, volunteers, interns, externs, work study students, and more.  In such an environment, an online, unified, personnel-centered calendar is something close to a miracle.

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