Webinar: Recognizing and Remedying Elder Financial Abuse in Medicaid Denials

By Michael Walters, Legal Hotline Managing Attorney, Pro Seniors, Inc., and CERA Project Specialist

family2.jpgFinancial exploitation problems are some of the most vexing issues facing senior legal hotlines. Worse, how to help a senior who has been victimized twice?  First, the senior was financially exploited. Now, the senior is in a nursing home and needs Medicaid coverage, but the Medicaid office decides that the money taken from the client constituted “an improper transfer,” resulting in a denial or imposition of a penalty.

On February 16, 2016, Jennifer Goldberg, Directing Attorney at Justice in Aging, and Amy Kurlansky, Attorney at Pro Seniors, Inc., presented an excellent webinar which provided an overview of public benefit problems that may arise in cases involving financial exploitation, and some possible remedies for clients facing this problem. The webinar drew an audience of over 1200 advocates. The webinar can be viewed here and you can download the materials here.


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