SeniorLAW Center Online Intake Results

Online Intake: Results from July 2014 Survey

(Reprinted with permission of the SeniorLaw Center)

In order to determine the viability of instituting online intake, a SurveyMonkey survey was distributed to similar helplines and hotlines across the country. The survey asked questions regarding the organizations’ experiences with online intake, the system each organization had chosen, the cost of online intake software and implementation, as well as the organizations’ satisfaction with the system. We received 35 total responses, 28 of which contained substantive responses. Those responses were compiled and the following information was discovered:



  • 16 of 22 respondents (72.7%) report that information received via online intake is generally accurate. Concerns reported include:
    •  Income verification
    • Adequate description of legal issue
    • Third-party contacts
    • Thoroughness of information
    • Necessity of verifying information with client reduces time saved by online application.
  • 17 of 22 respondents (77.3%) report having no concerns regarding the confidentiality of information supplied by their clients via online intake. 4 of those respondents report that clients must agree to a disclaimer regarding confidentiality and security of information prior to submitting information.

The individual responses, including contact information for each organization, are available to SeniorLAW Center, should the decision be made to get more in-depth information from individual respondents. The contacts included National Association of Senior Legal Hotline members, various legal hotline across the country, and a national expert on online intake interview and case management systems.

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