How to Tell Your Story so that Others Want to Hear It

Like most nonprofits, we are faced with the challenge of showing our value to current and potential funders. The people that use our services know about the great work that we do, but often we are so busy actually doing the work that we don’t think about telling our story to others. It is no longer enough to say we helped so many people or that we spent so many hours on client work. We now have to show what the impact of our work really is.

This webinar will address some of the challenging issues that legal hotlines and other programs face when trying to tell the story of the great work that they do. This webinar focuses on how to identify information that is worth telling and how to effectively use it.

The objectives of this webinar are for the participant to learn to:

  • collect data to effectively convey the breadth and depth of your work and the populations that you serve;
  • differentiate between outputs, outcomes, and impacts;
  • draft compelling “good stories”; and
  • effectively use quotes, pictures, and other story-telling tools. The content of this webinar is designed to be a thorough overview of this topic of growing importance for not only funding, but also outreach to clients.


  • Kari Deming, Managing Attorney at the Counsel and Advocacy Law Line
  • Keith Morris, Project Director for the Center for Elder Rights Advocacy and Manager of the Legal Hotline for Michigan Senior

Webinar Video

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