2014 Senior Legal Helplines Annual Report Now Available

By Christopher Jackson, CERA Project Administrator

2014 Annual Report ThumbnailCERA is proud to release the 2014 Senior Legal Helplines Annual Report. This year’s report includes data reported from twenty-two of the thirty Senior Legal Helplines (SLH), which represents an increase of participation from 2013. Seventeen of these helplines were able to report additional data such as client demographic breakdowns, costs of operation, staffing levels, case problem codes, levels of service, and case referral destinations. The SLH participation was impressive, as reporting the data to CERA can be a time consuming endeavor, and would indicate an affirmation of the value the helplines find in having the information in this report.

Some of highlights of the report include:

  • The twenty-two reporting helplines served 44,001 unduplicated clients and handled 53,589 cases;
  • Average cost per case in 2014 was $75.59, down from $82 in 2013;
  • In 2014, a Full Time Equivalent handled an average 1,156 cases, up from 1,055 cases in 2013;
  • 31% of clients identified as part of a minority, up slightly from 29% in 2013;
  • 76% of 2014 helpline clients had incomes below 200% of Federal Poverty Level, yet only 30% of the 60+
    population have incomes this low.
  • Top six helpline case types in 2014:
    • Wills and estates: 14%
    • Collection: 8%
    • Medicaid: 8%
    • Private Landlord/Tenant: 8%
    • Advance Directives: 7%
    • Home Ownership: 6%
  • 83% of cases were closed with Counsel and Advice, 8% with Limited Action, and 4% with Extended Services;
  • Top four funding sources were:
    • State and local funding sources – 34%
    • OAA Title IV Model Approaches – 15%
    • Access to Justice/State Bar Funds/IOLTA – 14%
    • OAA Title IIIB – 7%

These findings, along with an in-depth analysis of the data and many other findings, can be found in the report at legalhotlines.org.

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